Monday, April 25, 2011


What is up Birdies? Wondering why I just called you a birdie? Because my topic is on Twitter, a.k.a. Twitta! So my topic today is called:
Twitter: I thought only birds can tweet?
Honestly, the logo is a blue bird for crying our loud! It's obvious that Twitter is referring to birds that go fly around and tweet at each other. I have a Twitter account, but the first day I made the account was the first and last day I used it. I honestly think facebook is better than it. You can "tweet" and get people to like your status. Or you can have a blog and have other people follow you rather than be your bird friend. yes, I agree, followers does sound creepy but I'd rather have that. What is Twitter anyways? People just talk about:
I just woke up?
hey, purple juice!
Oh my gosh, I got an iPad!
The sky is blue.
Hey I just failed my high school exit exam, I hope I graduate...
Seriously! Stop with the Twitta! I have nothing against's just that I can't find the point in it. Hey that's why they made a Facebook and a Blogger. Instead of Twitta, how about we use texting!
Either way, we are telling random people our random thoughts which, in my opinion, no one cares about.
I mean if you are a serious Twitta writer, than yeah, go for it. But for people who put lame comments like the one I only have a facebook and a blogger for obvious reasons.
Sarcasms coming your way...Yeah, I don't have a blog...what is a blog?
Back to my bird subject, so I guess we can relate Twitter to a bird's social life. For obvious reasons because it is called TWITTER.
So birds fly and annoy people everywhere around the world. When they meet new and random/different birds, they tweet.
Bird! Watch your language!
Anyways, so after they meet the new bird, they fly all over and meet new ones and the cycle goes on.
This is just like the world of Twitta. I like saying Twitta, makes me sounds more cool.
So I guess I don't like twitta...but blogging all the way!!!!!!!!
As a random blogger, this was pretty random to me. I've seen many bloggers out there talk about Twitter for their "T" day.
Just letting you know, I'm not a follower...but an organizer.
If you didn't know, I had my topics for all the days of this month on a piece of paper.
Hey, here's an idea!(my light bulb died momentarily) I'm going to give you a hint for "Z" day.
We used to go there as kids.
It was smelly.
So much fun
There is a variety of them.
The park has different parts of land like body of water, dry land,etc.
Well, if you think you know what it might be, comment. COMMENT! You have too, or else!
So my little ending statement is to Wolfie's blog: Writer Person.
She is also in the A-Z Challenge and has been working really hard. Just visit her blog and give her encouragement to finish the blog. We all get behind, it's life. Wolfie can do this, and she will:) So visit her blog and remember, BE RANDOM!

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