Thursday, April 28, 2011


Don't you think sometimes life is a rollercoster, whether you can get off or not? Well, sometimes, they mean it literally. Have you gone to Knott's Berry Farm or heard of the ride Xcelerator. Like the name, it's pretty fast. If you see the picture above, you are looking at it. Well, as the blogger, I have to support my post and I'll do so by telling you that I did go on it...a lot of times. Random people like extreme stuff, so you can imagine how fun it really is. So first, you get in the Chevy car, and then you blast off. I'm not even playing nor am I lieing. It doesn't pick up the nice and slow momentum. No, this thing zooms right out. So after you are feeling the wind literally hitting your face, you go up that huge hill. When you get to the peak, you can see the whole city. Next, you go down the hill(obviously)but it is very steep, so you kinda float off from your seat. Don't worry, thanks to our friend, Mr. Gravity, you safely fall back down. Then after that its just more hoops and wind and AHHS!
So, thanks to the Knotts Berry Farm website, I got the facts!
~launches you off at 82mph in 2.3 seconds
~205 ascent at a 90 degree angle
~` takes only 62 seconds.
I wish it was like another 30 seconds, that would make my day! I plan to go back there during the Summer. So if I do, I will take my own picture and upload it on my blog. It's big! It's fast! It's soo exhilarating!
Not going to lie, the first time I went on it was when I was in the eighth grade and all my friends were going on it. I was at the 8th grade last field trip. So, I didn't want to sit out. Of course not! Random people take challenges when they see one. I was nervous when I first sat down. After the ride, it was great. Not as bad as it looks. It goes so fast you don't really react to it's height or anything else you notice outside from it. Go on it! It's so much fun! I laughed throughout the whole thing, that's how amazing it is.
So yes, i guess life is a ride. there are the good and fun times, then there are the relieving or depressing times. I'm not sure how depression relates to a fun ride but it has it's ups and downs. Just. Like. Life!
so whenever you feel life has got you, well let's just face the fact that life has you going in the same loop for a while.
Before I go, i have to show you this video. Click the link below and just watch it. It's pretty random...I'm not sure how I found this. Oh, I found it under top videos of the day. so, I guess that's what everyone is watching right now. Have fun, laugh because it is pretty hilarious...and random!
Don't ask me...I just found it.
Anyways, have a great day and have a rush!

P.S. i will be making a new signature for my blog. And I finally have 50 amazing random bloggers! Thank you :)

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