Monday, April 18, 2011


O is for octopus, well mainly Paul the Octopus. I was reading a review from some random person and Paul died at the age of two. Must have been an old octopus. "Who is this Paul?" you ask? Well he is not a hobo nor hoboish. I don't know if you recall, but from the World Cup, Spain vs. Netherlands, there was an octopus who tipped Spain instead of Netherlands. Well he didn't predict it. There were two boxes with the flag of both countries on each box. So the octopus had to choose from one(obviously) and he chose Spain. There was food in it, so I'm sure Paul was tempted. So yeah, Paul more predictions! Yes, Spain did take home the World Cup. Well, let's just say Netherlands didn't have a "Happy Ending" to its story. It was an intense soccer match. Personally, I didn't have a favorite. Both teams were good and they did their best. Of course we can't have ties so one won and the other lost. Boo-hoo! I also researched that the octopus are very intelligent. They can solve puzzles, long term memory and they are observant. Biologists must love them, well not to eat. They are defense! Try taking away their ink....have I told you they are venomous and/or deadly to humans. Don't be scared, because PEOPLE EAT THEM!
Yuck, I'm sorry but what happened to fried chicken, meat, fish, shrimp! My cousin is a weird kid! He eats octopus. i can just imagine how slimy and rubbery the skin must be. I don't even want to know how it tastes. I'm good, I'm sticking to my Pollo loco and McDonald's:) I wish I was an octopus. I mean four fairs of arms/tentacle stuff! that's...1...2..3...5...that's 8 in total! I can do a lot with those. I barley get past with one pair. Hand me over those over 3. Haha, get it? HAND me over...pssh. Fine! Don't appreciate my jokes!
I can do my chores, homework, do other stuff and I can accomplish it because I'm smarticles! There's another one...Tentacles....Smarticles, they rhyme!
Japanese people eat them all the time with sushi, also in Hawaii. Nah, I'm sticking with the coconut juice and the umbrella straw.
With their strength and defense, they can't see. So, they hear things...SNAP! there goes my goldfish.
Plus, their hearing is limited. Yet, they seem to get around and stay alive for two years like Paul.
Who names an octopus Paul? Why not squishy? Or, or sushi since that's your main goal in life. Don't worry you'll be in my stomach and 'll name you whatever I want!
So i hope you learned a bit of Paul(hope you are happily living in a random person's stomach) and in general, octopus. If you have tried to eat octopus, please tell me all about the flavor. I won't try it though. I've been scarred for life ever since Paul came to life.

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