Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Palooza! It's just such a fun word to say. Kinda like saying moo! So Palooza isn't really a word, or at least officially, but it pretty much means party. We have a Winter Palooza at my school, and it's just this one lunch and there's different food caterings and this ice cream truck at my school. There are also stands that advertise a different club,committee, etc. It's pretty fun but I wouldn't really classify it as a party. We have one of those next Friday and it's called Spring Fling. Same thing just a different name. Anyways, well, palooza is fun to say if you start saying it in different tones/ emotions. Say it happily..say it with a depressed tone, and you can even say it merrily!
Speaking of school, there is a word that pretty much sums up everyone. Yeah that's right. It's PROCRASTINATE!
Seniors have it too, it's called Senioritis. Sadly enough even Sophomores get Senioritis, and they aren't Seniors. I get it too, and sometimes I realize it's hard to get past. How lazy are you? Well, I procrastinate when I have a lot of things going on...which is bad because with a loot of stuff=a lot of grades. But since I started my Sophomore year, I always do my homework first, or at least get it started, and then I eat, finish the homework and other personal stuff.
I'm so organized, it's scary. Weird how from procrastination I changed the subject to orgaanization....random.
If the environment I'm working in is messy and just yucky, no matter what I always have to clean it up before I start my homework. I just love working in a clean environment because I'm so organized. I mean I made a list for my A-Z Challenge topics on each day! So whenever I'm behind, I just grab the paper and start typing. I always need a plan, if not, I'm totally lost. I also learn by seeing and doing. So Chemistry would be easier but thanks to my teacher, it's not. Hey, at least I'm getting through!
Random how from palooza-procrastination-organization led to the type of learner I am.
So you'd never think of the last topic: PLUM!!
I love plum. They are good for you, but again, there is always a limit to what you eat. The first time I tried one was a year ago, when my mom brought them and told me and my brother to eat them and they are good. Guess what? They were! I finished the whole bag in a day. I wish I had some right now. Pomegranates are also good, I just hate that each seed has the fruity juice and it gets annoying. It's like why can't you just be a whole fruit like an apple or something! Gah!
So my question to you is:
Q:What is your favorite fruit and if you had the chance, what would you change?
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Have an awesome night/evening/morning....?

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