Friday, April 15, 2011


Hey there! So I'm back officially. No more shows or homework during the weekend. So I can finally spill everything I do in details. My posts are usually funny(or at least meant to be) and sometimes it makes sense. But I have to agree, they haven't been the best or "random." Don't worry, as you can see, the title states Laugh! If you know me, i love to laugh and make others laugh and have a positive attitude. If you are a negative person, I can't get along, honestly. I can always be your friend but I have to have my limits. My favorite motto's are anything that has to do with just living life and making the best out of it. Kinda like the one above. Laughing is also the best is! Well, not the best when your side hurts after. But it still works. I'm sure everyone who knows me will describe me as:
~Social Butterfly
~cheerful and etc.
This also ties up with being friendly toward others. I am!:) There isn't a day when I'm not smiling or laughing. I think I don't even have a maximum to it. When I hear this, it really makes me feel like a better person. So I guess one word can make your day. Also, it can change you. In a good way, of course, by maintaining higher confidence for yourself. It also distincts you from others. So people identify you as:Oh yeah the girl with the nice clothes...or...I always see the boy who is very athletic.
Pretty much sums it up to being yourself.
Remember:"Different personalities=A new color on the rainbow:)" By me!

I <3 Labrador Retrievers. Now those are definitely cousins of the Goldens! It's no wonder they look the same. Everyone loves puppies. Even if they are chihuahuas. They are just so small and cute. I love dogs! If I can have another, I would. But my mom says Miley is enough. It's weird because I love my dog...but I have to admit, I don't fed her. DON'T BE SCARED! I meant to say that I'm not responsible. My dog eats, don't worry, actually she eats a lot. I still brush her and take her for walks but it's really hard because a dog has to eat everyday. I have a lot to do and it's sometimes hard to keep up with. Thankfully, when my dad is here he feeds her. again, my dog eats I'm not a horrible owner..ish?
Back to they are cute. I really don't know much about them. I know about Huskies and Goldens, German Shepherds...etc. Labs are pretty basic dogs. If I had the chance to get one, I would. darn, i wish I could. It's a lot easier to train dogs when they are puppies. kinda like kids. Sure they are a pain to teach and stuff, but harder as they grow. It's also like when teenagers/older people(sorry) learn a new language, it's harder but not impossible. I remember teaching my dog with my brother how to jump, play catch, hand me a high five, lay down. Yes, she gives the cutest high fives. I love her!!! I remember one Christmas that my family was over and my brother got an Air hogs car with the remote. My dog, at the time, hadn't learned how to bark. until my brother started to control the car and drive it near her. She barked so loud for the first time. It was funny because even now, she's scared of loud noises like the vacuum. She gets up and runs to the other side to prevent hearing it. I can also make her feel guilty. She closes her mouth and her ears go back, it's pretty cute.
Well, hope you liked my random post!

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