Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Whaa 'sup Bloggies! How are you doin' today?
So my first topic for today is my little alliteration sentence, like I promised I would yesterday. This is a mind blowing sentence that you will cry so hard for m hard work. Ya ready?
It's:William won't water watermelons.
(tear and applauses)Thank you thank you! You are too kind!(someone throw a rose)Wha-Oh, thank you!
I can even write two sentences that start with "W".
William wis wcrywing. Woo-Woo. Where's widdo wabbit?
See? I can speak "widdo" child. Yeah, yeah, yeah it was funny now let's get moving! Or should I say woving?
So yesterday, was fun after I came back from school. My dad told me we had to take my dog, Miley, a shower. Yay!(not so enthusiastic)
So my next topic is on my dog and it is called:
Whip my Hair: My dog does a great job at that while getting wet.
You say that I mentioned Whip my Hair, song by Willow Smith. Ha! Even her name goes along with my alliteration and letter of the day. So I saw her,on TV, perform her song at the Kids Choice Awards this yeas. She was good and has a great voice. Her I don't think orange(neon) is her color...and I don't think mine either.
After that moment, the song was stuck. And the only part that repeated on and on through my brain was,"I whip my hair back and forth."(100000000000x)
Yes that is a very huge number and yes that means that I sang it that much! If you don't know about her or never heard the song, please do me a favor and slap yourself silly....just kidding. If you did, then do it for real. Well, you should go on YouTube(Yay!)and check up the song. I love it, yet it can get annoying sometimes, because the girl has attitude and shows it. Daughter of Will Smith, what do you expect?Going out of topic here, I love the movies he stars in.
~I Am Legend
~Pursuit of Happyness (tear)
~Independence Day (LOL)
If I'm missing any other BIG tell me so I can slap myself. Again, just kidding.
So let me get back to the second part of the second topic, haha. So we were washing my dog. She looked cute yet strange looking. I was going to take a picture, but I didnt get the chance to. I remembered about my followers and said,"Oh my gollyness! My followers! They have got to see my dog! Yeah well that dream(swish!)flew out the window faster than a fly about to get swatted on the behind! Sorry, i brought in parents swatted a few..with a regular fly swatter. And no, since I have watched Karate kid, my parents didn't pull out the chopsticks and eat their noodles. HA! Noodles. Noodles is a funny word. Try this:
Pinch your nose and say "Noodle."Pretty hilarious. I had to try this myself to make sure I was gonna make you all laugh. Did you laugh? Well if you didn't then try the next one:
Pinch your toungue and say noodle.Didn't laugh, then try the next NEXT one: :)Pinch your arm hair as tightly as you can. and once you start crying, say "I'm a noodle."
See? That's what you get for making fun of me, my jokes, my blog and having no humor at all. Shame-on-you!(Read my "S" topic to reveal the inside joke)RANDOM BLOGGER,

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