Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's so Challenging?

Hello fellow bloggers! I have a lot to talk about...of course random stuff. Anyways, one thing first is the A to Z Blogging Challenge coming soon this April 2011. So what is this challenge you say? Well, last year I didn't have a chance to join but I can this year! All you have to do is everyday on April, you have to blog alphabetically. Yes, A,B,C,D,etc. It might be a challenge(well duh its called a challenge)for some of us because some letters like "Y or Z" are kinda hard to use. But a random blogger like me, I can make up words...even if I have no clue what it means. Maybe in Russia it will be a word. Who knows? So if you like a challenge, come and sign up! You can enter on the blog: Tossing it Out by Arlee Bird. It's quick, I'll tell you that. For more details please go on his blog. Sorry if I'm not much help :/ So remember, April! Sometimes, i might call it Amazing April instead of A to Z blogging Challenge. A lot is going on in April: Birthdays, that feeling of "Yes, I'm almost out of school!" and the weather, of course. I'm up for the challenge, bring it on! I just want it to be April already. As other bloggers, I must conclude my little note to you guys. Again, I have lots to say about books and all that nice stuff. Have a great day! And if it's your birthday today..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!(You know who you are!)
Random Blogger,


Arlee Bird said...

Thank you, Stephanie, for the birthday wish and for the plug for A to Z. If anyone is interested in finding out more information they can click on the link below.

Uncle Lee
Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

wolfie 402 said...

Very nice and RANDOM post. ;)
It's funny how you mentioned birthdays. *ahem*
But anyways, good luck to you. I will be joining too. :)

B's Mom said...

I will also be joining you on the challenge.