Saturday, February 19, 2011

What's so Modern?

Good morning Bloggers! Well, my blog today is all about this modern world of ours. (A.K.A. Technology) No I won't talk about how we have all these cool gadgets and what not. There's movies out playing right now which I want to watch. Or at least they are "coming soon." Those movies are:
~Beastly(Based on the novel by Alex Flinn)
~Gnomeo and Juliet
~I am Number Four
~Red Riding Hood
~The Green Hornet
& Big Mommas: Like Father, like Son.
I could probably accomplish some of that since I have a nice and relaxing 4-day weekend. Well, I only have 3 days left. I would really want to see Beastly or at least read the novel before I do. I read the summary(same story as Beauty and the Beast but more modern...hey, modern)and I really want to buy the novel right now. So if you forgot my birthday present now would be a good time to buy the book for me! Just kidding. Aside from books and movies, another "modern" topic: Ipod!
Woo-hoo! We all love Apple products. I have an Itouch and man,if my parents took it away I don't know what I'd do. I can check the weather, new apps, e-mail, school website and check my facebook page. Everything! Of course I use it after I have finished my homework! We are walking the straight path to being lazy people. Just watch the movie Wall-E(Disney)and you'll understand. well anyways if you do happen to have an iTouch, this might be interesting for you especially if you love apps. So I'm sure you've heard about Angry Birds, right? Pretty fun game...except when you cant make those green things fall!There's this cute game, a penguin game called Pengy Free. It's very basic yet challenging as you continue to run through all the obstacles. Like the name, its free! It's very cute and a must! Another is Doodle Truck, have you ever tried to deliver something on a flatbed while driving on bumpy roads? if you have I'm sorry! Doodle Truck is free(FREE!)and very addicting.but not too addicting to make you forget how to eat! :) Play those games! Very fun.
Last but not least, I have been reading. Yes, reading! I have read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Well, I loved that book from start to finish. There are 3 books, including this one, in a series. A Trilogy! (Who would have guessed?) The theme that I think would be great to describe the book is: Survival of the Fittest. it's a great book for teens. The story is told by Katniss Everdeen. It takes place in North America, but the country is called Panem. The best way to name this "new world" would be post-apocalyptic. It's very good and the strategies of survival is helpful to me, which I really love about this book. Just read the book, I recommend it to everyone. I will be reading Catching Fire soon. By the way, it will be made into a movie soon...just like any other movie now a days.
Have a good day! Rain or shine!...Or snow.
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wolfie 402 said...

Nice post. I have a very similar movie list.
And I told you you'd love it! Aren't I a genius? ;)
Oh, yeah. The iPod Touch is awesome. :D

Stephanie said...

No, I checked up the information by no credit for you :'( Just Kidding.
And yeah, it's pretty awesome :)

HowLynnTime said...

Ok I Love Love the Hunger games too but I have to ask - did it feel like the last chapter was missing? I felt like it just ended - not the cliff hanger part - just the closure. There was none of the stuff at the end that I wanted to see - like Prim and Gale and If Mom kept her fruitloops? I honestly liked two better - there is a hanger ( well five actually) but it just had more satisfaction and closure to me?

How did you guys feel? new follower # 16

Stephanie said...

Well I did not like the end because it left everyone wondering. Hmm, are they ever going to speak and see each other again? I started to ask myself questions and I got nowhere. I asked my cousin and she told me to read the books. Darn. But there is always Catching Fire to answer our questions, and I will be getting to that hopefully soon :)
And thank you for joining my random blog!!!