Saturday, July 2, 2011

A 2 in 1 Thing

Hello there! Aren't you excited for Monday? Are you doing anything on July 4th?
Well if you are, I'd love to hear your plans, so comment away! Yesterday, I went to the pool and afterwards we got donuts! Yumm! It's all about glazed donuts:D
Besides that, I suddenly thought about owls. I'm not sure why, but owls just flew into my head. get it? Flew?
So I once saw an owl, it was creepy looking considering the fact it was dark, sitting outside on the window "porch" and it had huge eyes. Yellow eyes to be exact. Luckily, my dad was out there with me. This happened outside in my backyard, just saying. Anyways, I didn't really stare at it or even gaze at the animal, but it just took one look before I ran inside the house. It was creepy, and when I saw creepy, I mean it! But besides the real, heart-beating owls, i think those plush toy owls are too cute. What's cool is that some also turn their head around 360 degrees. Hey, what do you know, there's another creepy fact about the owl.
Owls are also known to be smart and what not. No wonder I see pictures of owls wearing a graduation cap. Aside from that, I think the picture above is totally cute!!!!

My last topic is also about yesterday's schedule. For the first time, i got a manicure. And just a manicure. It cost $15.00 and my mom gave them a $3 tip. Anyways, in the picture it might seem a bit dim and not as good looking, but they did a great job! I love the flower on the ring finger. They did a great job and I can't wait for my next trip.
Have you gotten a manicure? Or have you done a manicure for someone? And if you are a guy, would you like to get one?
Please leave comments, like I said, they are amazing to read and I do read them. I love hearing what you all have to say, it's so great!
Anyways, have a terrific day and if you speak Spanish: "Tenga un buen dia!" :)


Arlee Bird said...

Hmm--I wonder what I'm going to do for the 4th? I guess I'll think of something!
Yes, I've gotten a manicure before and the last time I did, they made my finger bleed. I told Betty that I'm not going to do it again. Well, maybe I will, but I don't think I'd go to the same place.

Tossing It Out

upinthecosmos said...

The 4th isn't such a big deal for me but I may go check out some fireworks somewhere, we'll see. I have had a manicure in the past but I don't like the fake nail thing, for me, cause I have ok nails on my own so I decided not to go back. Recently I did have my first pedicure & that was awesome!! I'm thinking about going in for another tomorrow & I may do the manicure also & just let them deal with my real nails, no fake ones:-) Yours turned out great by the way & it looks like they are real??? :-)

Stephanie said...

@Arlee Bird: Haha, yes I wouldn't do it at the same place either.Hope to see you the 4th.

@upinthecosmos:Fireworks are nice...well better than nice actually. I dont like fake nails either :/ so the ones in the photo are real and they did a great job!

Thanks for commenting!

Nina said...

Hey Stephanie? Remember I said I could sponsor your giveaway with a premade template? Well, now I'm sponsoring it with a CUSTOM blog design, instead.

Stephanie said...

OOOO! Sounds great! I think i will have a giveaway once I get the 80 followers. And if you could sponsor, that would be GREAT:)
Thank you.

Shannon Lawrence said...

We went to a drive-in movie on the 4th and watched the fireworks around the screen. Pretty cool.

I would love to see an owl up close, especially if I had my camera. I can't believe I never have, considering how much time I've spent in the mountains.

Pretty nails! I enjoy a manicure every little once in awhile, but I think I like pedicures more. It's been a loooong time since I got either one, though.

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