Friday, July 1, 2011

First Day of July

Yay! First day of July! To celebrate July 1st, I wanted to share to all of you what I did yesterday. It was a very hot day, so around 5p.m. my family and I went over to a lake called Lake Perris. We got there around 5:30, right on time. What was very weird, though, was the fact that all the parking lots were closed, so we had to enter where the cars hauling boats parked. We had to walk more but it still wasn't far. Right when we got to the sand, no one was there. And when I say no one, I mean NO ONE!!! Only on the other side of the lake but not even a soul. It was weird because we thought it closed since no one, but us, was there.

Well, we had fun! I got my camera out and took "random" pictures of different things. Like the sandal picture...I took it! All the pictures on this post that you see, I took. Well, we were the only ones there the whole time which was nice because we can hear our own voices and no kids screaming their heads off. It was nice! A great way to end June, actually. I didn't really go in the lake, I just walked along the shore...that or I got in until the water reached my knees. The water was nice and cool. At the bottom of that lake, you can see those small rocks and shells. I only took a few because every time I go there I always grab a few. But that's not all I found at the bottom!

This is a dead fish, which my 11 year-old brother is holding. I found it near me and called my brother to grab it. Yes, I hate touching dead things so I guess my brother did the job. Anyways, yes it was dead and my whole family gathered around us...not too surprised. So i found it, aha!
Then my brother saw a bird and decided to throw the fish at it. poor thing, it had such a wonderful flight. The bird flew away and luckily, it didn't eat it. so we bury it. So we dug a hole in the sand and laid the fish in their. My brother placed rocks on the dirt and there lies my dead fish. I wish it wasn't dead so I could have kept it but nothing never goes my way now does it?
In conclusion, I...I mean we...had tons of fun as a family. i took pictures of us and the lake and what a great way to end June!
Have a great day my awesome followers :)


Susan Kane said...

Haven't been to Lake Perris in decades. Glad you had a grand time, dead fish and all. Photos were wonderful.

Stephanie said...

Really? Here in So. California? wow, and thank you, I had a great time!

dreamndigital said...

Great photos, that poor little fish was so cute!