Sunday, July 3, 2011

Too much fun for a day...

Hi there bloggers! So, as we all know tomorrow is July 4th. Yay! I'm ready to see all those fireworks...especially the illegal ones since they are so much better! Just kidding people I don't roll that way...but you have to admit they are amazing! Spectacular!!!
Anyways, well for the people out there who sorta celebrate this day: I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow! As always, be safe and take care of the little ones around the fireworks. As much fun as they can be, they are pretty dangerous. So please be super safe:)

Aside from the 4th of July tomorrow, I just wanted to make a short announcement to you all.
So I have 78 followers(YAYA!!!)and close to having 80...obviously. I wanted 80 by the end of June since that was my goal, but better late than never! That's the bright side to this. So I wanted to have a fun and easy giveaway thing to celebrate my 80 followers. Of course that doesn't mean I'll stop there. I WANT MORE! This feeling is like a child eating all the sweets...what do they say? "I WANT MORE!" That should be my motto....
So I wanted to know if anyone would like to sponsor this giveaway. I think I have one special person who has agreed for that day, which is amazing!!! So if you are interested, please comment! On the top right corner of my says I love comments. Hear me out: I posted it there for a reason!
So, if you want to help me out, please comment and if not tell me something I want to hear...which is about anything:)
As always, have a safe and fun day/Summer!!!!
The Random Bloggie,
Stephanie <3

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AllMyPosts said...

Hope you get more and more followers soon!!

Happy 4th of July Celebrations!!

with warm regards
Another Author