Friday, June 24, 2011

I Entered....

Flip flops, sandals, or bare feet?
Flip flops! Easy to put on...makes life easier:)
What is your favorite type of summer weather?
SO super hot that you just have to hit the pool!
Lake, pool or ocean?
Hmm, well I hate salty I'll go with pool :P
What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?
During the weekend, I love visiting my family! Also shopping.
Sleep in or early rise?
I always wake up early rise.

Inside with the A.C. cranked up or outside in the blazing hot sun?
As long as I have a water gun, I would be out in the hot sun :D

Favorite summer smell?
BBQ :P Yum!

Do you like thunderstorms? Why?
Not during the Summer...they are all right!

You're swimming, what are you doing? Swimming, laying on a floaty thing, doing cannonballs, etc.
Hmm, usually doing all of the above! I can't just lay on the floaty all day :/

Are you excited for summer, or missing school?
I'm very excited for this Summer! Miss school? Is that a rhetorical question!!

Would you rather have: no camera all summer long or no music (ipod) all summer long?
Ehh iTouch has a camera anyways

Are you going to any camps this summer?
Umm, I'm not sure. But I hope so :)

Would you rather swim or play in a sprinkler?
Swim! Run into a sprinkler isn't as fun as jumping into a pool!

Are you looking forward to anything this summer?

Would you rather live outside all summer (and not be able to go in) or live inside all summer (and not be able to go out)?
Outside! Let's see what nature has in store.... ;)

Well I entered and it's also a giveaway...I hope I get the chance to win!


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Hate salt water?? Same here!!

with warm regards
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Anonymous said...

Hey! You won something in my big giveaway! You have until tomorrow, Tuesday, June 28th, to respond, or I will have to re-draw for your prize :( See the post here: