Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I-Ice Cream and Everything Nice

Aloha! So since it's super hot here in California...I decided to talk about something refreshing or just plain edible. ICE CREAM, ICE CREAM*La la la la something* WE ALL WANT ICE CREAM....Oh I remember it now.
I scream, you scream we all scream for ICE CREAM! I forgot the song momentarily...sorry.
So I like any ice cream...except those that have fruit chunks in it. I do love fruit! Just not in my ice cream. I did eat an ice cream cone a few minutes ago. Yes, 12:21 PM and I'm up eating ice cream this early. That's okay, it was good. French Vanilla to be exact, What's your favorite ice cream flavor? How about the brand? Dreyer's? Ben and Jerry's? How about the Starbucks kind? I love Java Chip. MMM, MMM, MMM! Great stuff.
I also like McDonald's ice cream vanilla cone. Since it is McDonald's, all of you might think that that is nasty. It's actually very good. It has a coconut flavor to it.....Or at least I think it is :/

ICEE! Sadly, there isn't a song about that. i feel bad for the Polar bear...not the Pepsi one the ICEE one. And what's up with everyone saying that Coka-Cola tastes different than Pepsi? IT'S THE SAME PEOPLE! I tasted them both, same time and hour and i can mix them up and they still taste the same! Kinda like Sprite and Mountain Dew. Shoot! I should make a clone of Orange Soda and BAM! I'm rich and get free soda wherever I go :)
I love ICEE. At the gas station(yuck!)there is a Coca-Cola ICEE!!!! AHHHH:):):)
It's so good! I'm pretty cheap because all these good drinks/food is good at the worst places ever. That's okay, as long as I like it and don't know what's really in it.
Well, hopefully the ice cream truck passes by your house so you too can enjoy the amazing creation!
Have a funtastic day:)


Anonymous said...

I remember ice cream....soft serve coated with chocolate. That's the stuff. Nowadays I have to settle for SoGood soy dessert which is a poor imitation of ice cream but better than nothing on a hot day.

upinthecosmos said...

I love me some ice cream. My favorite used to be Baskin Robbins but we no longer have those hear so now I go with various Ben & Jerry's flavors. I do like a good Icee too but Slurpies were my fav! Of course we don't get those here anymore either... Icees we have plenty of though:-)

I'm all done blogging my name out, today's entry was my last. It was fun, thanks for hosting it:-)

Stephanie said...

I will post the blog award after I'm done writing this comment.......zap!

(Congrats!! and Thank you for participating!)