Tuesday, June 21, 2011

N-Nutella and Everything Nice :)

Hola my blog peeps! This is stephaNie and I will talk about the letter "N." So I have loved this piece of Heaven for a while. It's great with break, ice cream, anything! Just go wild. It's Nutella. Hazelnut with some other delicious stuff. My whole family loves this and if it weren't for calories and what not, I would devour the whole jar :) It's just that good! So go and buy the jar today, I guarantee that it will be as amazing as I am describing it right now! Nutella is rich, has a creamy texture and is pure MMM, MMM, GOOD! I love the picture at the top! The heart in the chocolate Nutella. Oh the inventions and creativity people have now-a-days!

I saw this when I was going through Google. First day of Summer :) It's whacky and weird but something about it yells cute. I'm guessing there's a bunny and a bear. If not that's just plain weird picture of some weird....creatures. I liked yesterday's instead. Heck, i can draw a better picture for the Google art. Draw the sun and the moon for the "OO" and some animal with a tail for "G"....OH MY GOSH! I'M GOING TO DRAW ONE AND UPLOAD IT TO MY BLOG! I should do that :) Just for fun!

My last topic is NOODLES :). Man, noodles are delicious, especially a pasta-lover like me. I eat Top Ramen every now and then...not too frequent because of the sugar, carbs, and sodium. Have you ever eaten it without the water? I have...it's great!!! It may sound weird to not cook the Top Ramen...but it's incredibly good with the water. You should try it!
"If it looks good, eat it!" That's from Andrew Z. from my favorite show on the Travel Channel, Bizarre Foods. Incredible foods and culture out there.
Well, that's all for today!*tear*
I will see you all tomorrow and I'll post the award button for those who have finished. I will be stopping by your blogs so even if the Linky doesn't work, comment and I'll visit you :)
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upinthecosmos said...

Nutella is great! My mom used to always have it when I was a kid & I thought it was a German thing, since that's where she's from. I just assumed but you know what they say about that! I made my own hazelnut butter on saturday... no chocolate in it otherwise it may taste pretty close to it:-)

upinthecosmos said...

sorry there are 2, yesterday's & today's:-) Tomorrow will be my final letter "e"

Alyssia said...

Hey, Steph! I finished my challenge today--woo hoo! Nutella is DELICIOUS! My little brother actually told me about it, and then I found this awesome pie recipe with Nutella as the main filler. To die for!

Thanks for inviting us in on your little challenge! It was great fun. :)

Arlee Bird said...

I love Nutella. I first discovered in Canada back in the 1980's--I'd never seen it in the U.S. I like to eat it on bread or spread onto very plain cookies like vanilla wafers. Mmmmm! Good stuff.

Tossing It Out

Bethe77 said...

I love nutella.
Well one more day of the name and I will be finsihed tomorrow.
Thank you for hosting I have had so much fun.

AllMyPosts said...

I dunno anything about nutrella!! But noodles!! they are yummy!!!

I am joining the blog hop now!!

What am I supposed to be part of blog hop?? other than linking???

with warm regards
Another Author

Stephanie said...

@Alyssia: Congrats! That pie sure does sounds delicious:)
@Arlee Bird: I should try it on vanilla wafers!
@Beth:OOO! Almost there!
@AllMyPosts: Start today, if you can. Some are wrapping things up but I finish Thursday. just try it :)
Thanky uo for the comments!