Friday, April 1, 2011


A is for Animals, or if you prefer animales. This came off the top of my head because I originally had something planned, but changed my mind. So yeah, let's talk about animals. When I think about animals, I think about cute furry...things. For example the cute puppy right at the top. And I'm talking about the one on the left side. Cute, yes. But of course not everything in life is as beautiful or cute as it seems. I personally hate spiders a.k.a part of the arachnid family. Yeah that's right I hate you. Haha, I also dislike reptiles. the only ones that will pass would be frogs..or froggies! Anything that slithers, or jumps, or is poisonous is icky to me. And yes if you are wondering which team on Harry Potter I would be Slytherin. It was meant to be. Anyways, back on topic. I currently have a dog right now, it's a husky/golden retriever, it's a girl and her name is Miley. I discussed this before, yes I named her after Miley Cyrus but that was when she was a good influence. But the name somehow fit my dog, so I kept it. I used to have 2 birds(girl and a boy) and their names were Tailow and Tweety. Cute couple!...until my puppy had to scare them away! I never found them, but I still love my dog. I wished I had a bunny.
Those suckers are cute. That was an ironic statement, but it will do. I can imagine myself feeding them carrots, yum!
Speaking of furry, let's talk about rats and hamsters. Personally, I prefer hamsters because their tail doesn't remind me of a snake. So today, my friend told me how she wanted a rat.
(Blank face)
A rat are you kidding me! Thanks for reminding me! I won't go to your house anymore. Tell your family I said,"Hi, I would visit you but your daughter has a rat in her room." Also, one day I was watching a George Lopez episode and the grandmother told her son that she accidentally thought his hamster was a slipper and SHOOP! There goes Mr. Hammy. Sadly enough she lied to him, and lied about his pet snake going to a NASA program into space. Yeah I don't want to know what really happened to the thing.
So there you have it! A is for animals and AAAAApple! Tomorrow, I have "B" planned so you guys gotta read it.
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