Monday, April 4, 2011


Hey Hey there bloggers! As my title reads, I will be talking about Costco! Yeah, that's right! So Costco is amazing!
First of all, the free sample food. There is one in every aisle! I love the food so much and they offer food like: beef jerky, pizza rolls, juice, soda, cheese, yogurt, cookies, pretzels. The list is endless! One day, before I went to eat lunch, I went to Costco. There were so many stands that by the time we got out, I was full. And sometimes, I go for seconds. My little strategy is:
~I go with my brother.
~I go by myself.
~I tell my brother to get me another.
~I ask one for my mom. When in reality, it's going to end up in my stomach.
~I wait until people talk to the server and quickly get one.(I'd say snatch but I'd sound like a bad person)
So you can always learn from me, honestly. Additionally, one time I went up to get a sample of ice cream. The lady asked me,"Where are your parents?"she asked me. You have to be 12 or older to get something that contains mil and nuts because of allergies and such.
So I look at her like'what?'
"Umm, I'm 14." I replied back. SHE THOUGHT I WAS LIEING! It's like don't you think by now I would know what I'm allergic too? I'm 14 for crying out loud!
"You have to get your mom." she said. So yeah I went to get my mom...for a scoop of ice cream. The things one has to do to get a finger full of ice cream...great time. If you are wondering: No, I'm not allergic to anything...I think. I love milk! Nuts drives me nuts and soy milk is alright.
Another subject i have planned is Chuck E Cheese.
So the furry rat guy scares kids. What up with the suit dude? It wasn't long ago that we went. Guess who appeared? Yeah Mr.Fur ball! My brother was so freaked out, it was hilarious. He hid behind my mom..luckily Chuck Chuck didn't go near them. The only thing I like about Chuck E is that when he appears...all big kids know that we are suppose to huddle over him and beat him with a stick because that guy is filled with tickets. I would..I mean I'd probably beat him with one of those inflatable hammers but not a bamboo stick. Do you know how strong those bamboo sticks are? Very.
So that ends my conclusion on "C." Hope you enjoyed my tips for Costco and my bamboo lesson for Chuck E Cheese.


Jeffrey Beesler said...

I remember going to Costco back in the late 90's, and my grandmother would buy me boxed sets of, yes, I admit I read this series, the Babysitter's Club. Ah, such fond memories!

Arlee Bird said...

Costco is an excellent word for C. You might also add "Cash" since that is what your Aunt Betty and I spend a lot of when we go there.

Tio Lee
Tossing It Out

Adam King said...

I think Costco is amazing, they do food on a epic scale, its insanely amazing. Great read

Stephanie said...

How could I miss cash? The most important thin around the globe :) Thank you for the comments :)