Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D-Despicable Me!

Salve fellow bloggers!(Salve=hello in Italian) Talk about a daily word of the day.
So today's letter is D!
Have you seen the cutest movie in the universe called Despicable Me? It came out June 2010, almost a year ago. If you haven't, you are missing out! Well, missed out...The first time I went to see the movie was when I went with both of my wonderful cousins to watch it in theater. It was a fun, girls day out day. The movie is about a villain who plans to steal the moon. With the help of his million minions, he is sure he can. Then 3 girls fall into his life. He uses them in the beginning but at the end...(tear) IT'S AMAZING! My favorite part(s) of the movie was:
~When the little girl holds the unicorn and screams,"It's so fluffy!"
~The minion pffts at the other minion, and that minion pushes the other off the chair. Talk about rude.
~When the minions are amazed at the water dispenser when bubbles are created.
~The villain talks to the neighbor,"FYI,your dog has been leaving little bombs all over my yard and I don't appreciate it." Neighbor laughs. "Sorry, you know dogs they go wherever the want to go." Then Gru replies seriously."Unless they are dead."
So go and watch this movie! I guarantee that you will love it and if you have kids..they will too!
My next topic is:
(Intro.) The land of fantasy and laughter.
I haven't gone in a while because one:I'm kinda over the whole mickey mouse thing and two:Have you seen the prices for...everything!
I do miss going on the teacup ride. What's more fun than going on a super size cup and riding around in it? Exactly, nothing.I also miss Autotopia. Man do I wish we can drive around at 100 mph without getting a ticket. I also loved how they gave you a paper licence. I would go but only if someone had the annual pass or something. The 5 inch. lollipops were the bomb!
And last but certainly not east, Dollar Tree.
Everything is a cent more than the 99 cent store. Personally, i think it's better than the 99 cent store. A cent can do a lot. The Dollar Tree is close to where I live so I go there whenever I want candy. And it's 2 for a buck! At the store it's like 99cents for one but no, I got two! They sell food...most of them are brand-ish. It's a fun store to go to. There's silly string that I used on Sunday because it was my brother's birthday. I also got him 4 awesome balloons, and candles that sing the Happy Birthday song. That's a dollar? Where's the cake? That's all I needed, just kidding he had chocolate cake which was good.
Speaking of birthday...oh, whoops! I mean Dirthday. Happy Birthday Wolfie!
That's it for today.


Adam King said...

Despicable me is my favourite film of the year, could watch it over and over again!

Vanessa said...

We've seen it and love it! And I LOVE the dollar store! Matter of fact, my husband almost forbids me to go there because I will end up paying with an arm and a leg!!
I'm your newest follower, found you via the a-z blog challenge. You can view mine here http://daily-dilly.blogspot.com .
Have a great Wednesday!