Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hallo Bloggers! Yes, today's letter E of the day is on England. I will only talk about England but with all it's awesome attractions.
So the main attraction in England is Big Ben...and of course London Bridge but we all heard the song. Yeah you can think of Fergie's London Bridge or children's sing along.
WOW! Can I say,"That's one huge clock!" If I had that clock, I would customize it and make it into my watch. Yeah, I'd struggle to pass through doors but it's just at the top of my head. Not only is the clock the attraction, but the building's structure. Please correct me if I'm wrong but the points on the buildings were influenced by the 1700-1800s. Near the Renaissance...I know my European History! I find it interesting how the whole structure is made. Everything is symmetrical but not as a whole. I would love to live there. My address would be: 101 Big Ben. Everyone would know where I live. Just follow the golden clock and you'll find you're way to the big guy on the screen who really isn't who he seems. Reminds me of Wizard of Oz.
Have you seen those buses? It has a bus on top of another! It's just like my house but on wheels...and the bus has to be a lot bigger. It would be fun to ride one bus, or would you call it a two bus? It's called a Routemaster. Wow, even the name says it all. It remains red to symbolize the country. Go England. So I would consider it as a symbol of London,England. Of course you can distinguish which is modern and which isn't.
Chips? No! I'm not talking about Doritos and Cheetos. I'm talking about fries. Fries? Well who calls fries,chips you ask? Well apparently England. The chips are big and served with fish. Heard of Fish and Chips? I'm not a big fan of fish(hint for tomorrow's post)so I would prefer the chips. Everyone in England calls fries as chips. If you ask for fries they will probably smack you with a bottle of ketchup upside the head. If it's glass...well let's just say goodbye, arrivedercci and good riddance. :)
As a country, they represent a team. Soccer team to be exact. I actually like their team and team members. They made it in the FIFA Soccer World Cup but didn't win. Yeah, that was Spain.


Dawn Embers said...


Your post amused me. I liked the 101 big ben address. ;-) I've never known much about England so it's good to read a post about it.

Dawn's Writing Blog

Sarah Allen said...

I want to go there so bad!!!

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Ellie said...

Being from the UK your post made me laugh. Chips. I love chips! And they are big!

Ellie Garratt

Ju Dimello said...

Wow :) You're tempting me to visit England ;)

Following you from A-Z blogging challenge!

Margo Kelly said...

Ha. Nicely done!
I'm a new follower from the a-z challenge. Nice to meet you.

GigglesandGuns said...

Love these travel posts. I've always had a thing for England.


Kit Courteney said...

I'm from the UK, too, and chips are definitely CHIPS! And fish and chips is just...mmmmm.

Your 'chips' are our 'crisps'.

We may speak the same language but there are some fun differences :)