Monday, April 11, 2011

I-Ice cream!

Salve!Mi piace dolce!Gah! Sono impegnato...non importa!Arrivederci
I just spoke Italian. Italian, get the I.
I said,"Hello. I like desserts! Gah! I'm busy...doesn't matter. Goodbye!"
My Spanish teacher should give me credit for this. I learned this from my iTouch, from an app. Italian 101, baby!
Speaking of iTouch, who has one? Eh, can't see your hands/arms. Well I do...not that you cared but hey it's out there. out in my randomness of air.
I'm learning a new language by a palm-sized techno thinga-mabobber!
It's amazing how small things make you smarties. Ha! Get it? Smarties candy makes you, who cares, I can't see you laughing. But I'm serious! If you don't have one, through away that water bill and go buy you some iTouch(improper grammar, I know)because later on, you can calculate why you don't have water in your sink, when clearly you bought an iTouch. It's a game console/MP3/camera/book thing...gah! I can't breathe, what a mouth full. It's a great present for your kids, or friends. Actually, I wouldn't get one for my friends, I'll end up keeping it. So ha, bffs!

MHM, you liking' that ice cream. in Italian it's called gelato...learn your terms!Thank you Tech Lord for our technology...but we all know how comes up with this robots and blah blah :)
I love ice cream! Who doesn't...I mean if you are allergic. I like the McDonald's ice cream cone for only 79 cents. very good and very cheap. As a matter of fact, I got one today. I spent my $2.50 well. I like cookie dough and rocky road ice cream,a s well as cookies N cream, and rainbow sherbet. They are all from Rite Aid's little ice cream shop. Mmm, good! I love sundae's...but not Sunday's. Sorry I hate the end of the week because that means school, and waking up early. That also means we aren't going to need our jackets/umbrella because it's SUNday! get it? Ahh, yeah you don't thanks for your SUPPORT! I don't appreciate this! I'm talking about ice cream and you are looking behind you wondering if jay Leno is going to have a new season! I don't care. I need better...
So, ice cream is awesome, but I must end this post shortly because I have lots to do. I have choreographed a dance all by myself, and my dance goes on Wednesday, at my school. Everything is perfect but I just hope it looks amazing. It's really tiring and a lot of work from my time, but I made it. Well, I'll post on Wednesday and actually say I made it!
Thanks for depressing blog even though it's about ice cream.


Alyssia said...

Rocky Road is totally my favorite ice cream! Has been since, like, forever. Ooh! And Phish Food by Ben & Jerry's! If you've never had it, it's chocolate ice cream with caramel and these tiny little fish-shaped chocolate filled with, you guessed it, caramel! Sooo good! Hey, best of luck with your dance!

Doreen McGettigan said...

I love Bunny Tracks ice-cream. I am exhausted after reading that post (in a good way). I have not gotten the new phone yet; grand daughter got it and husband got one. I am next!
Great I words-good job on the Italian too...

Sheila said...

My favorite ice-cream is chocolate with peanut butter swirled throughout. We have a great place near us called "Iceberg" that makes the best milkshakes. I wish it were not so close. Good luck with your dance.

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Naomi Ruth said...

I love chocolate ice cream with peanut butter. Mmmmmm...

And have fun with your dance! That sounds awesome! :D