Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Woo! Sorry, I didn't post yesterday! I kinda had my dance show and I was busy with homework and of course dance. I have one today too. I'm showing the one I choreographed and I'm very excited. So, Let' get this started.
Jumpers aer so fun. i mean, who doesn't like bouncing? Even as a 15 year old, I wish my birthday was all about candy, presents and jumpers. For my birthday(10th) I had a huge jumper. I was the basic square jumper attached with a slide jumper. Just pour water on that thing and we have our very own Slip N hope you don't fall! It was a fun party. I also love the carne asada we always have. it's amazing or as teens say now a days(like me),"Bomb!..or Epic!". I wish I didn't rent a jumper but actually had one. So on a random day when I feel "bouncy", I can plug it in, plug it in. Glade!
Ha, no not the air freshener commercial! Just plug it in and BOOM! you got a jumper! By the way, if you really do need an air freshener, just go in that certain area. See? your compliment of the day. I just told you all that you smell amazing.
My last segment is about Jack in the Box. Yes, I must leave soon because of timing! But hey at least I wrote something random, my job.
So when I was young(5 months ago, lol)and I mean like 7, I would go to Jack in the Box and buy french toasts sticks. They were good! But one day, i went there and they said,"Oh I'm sorry, we don't sell those anymore." what in the mac n cheese? Are you lieing! Are you lieing Jack! How bout I jack you in your box, huh? that will get things started. How about I jack your box while your in it, Jack! So don't come in my hood! You know my closet...because there' where my sweater/hood is at. Don't go there. And you think your mascot, the big red ball, is gonna catch me? Pssh, I'm in track! Try me, you red piece of rubber.
Sorry, as I type I'm saying it in my head with emotion and personality. I'm supposedly mad...SHH!
Well, that's my post. hope you liked the shortness about it. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Great post. I thought it was going to be about sweaters. In England they call sweatshirts or sweaters "jumpers". Funny!