Friday, April 15, 2011


MMM! So, if you haven't heard of this restaurant called Souplantation, it's really good. I'm not going to talk about Souplantation in general because it's not about S, but M. I love their blueberry muffins. They are so warm, fresh out of the oven, and delicious. They also have chocolate fudge muffins and chocolate chip ones too. I love them all. The chocolate fudge brownie, I put vanilla ice cream on it. I always have to have some white stuff with my chocolate bread. Like milk. if you have a triple chocolate cake, I'm in! But I have got to have my milk. I should take a picture of myself with a milk mustache and how the celebrities do it to advertise kids to drink their milk. Pssh, yeah. ALL kids do that, don't worry.(Sarcasm)Cows feel bad because of you kids! Cows are now saying,"Moo! MOOOOOO! Momomooo! Mooommomoom!"
Translation:"Aww man, it's that rabbit I ate last night. Great, I'm trying to lose weight and now kids are hating on me!"
Poor cows. See? Now the cows self esteem is going real low. Thanks America, thank you.
Well anyways, if you haven't gone, i recommend it. Kinda like getting recommended by your AP Math class teacher. Man, that would feel great. They have salads, pasta, bakery, and of course soup! So find the directions and have a lovely dinner over there. Well, not dinner...they charge a bit more for dinner. Heck, just go for a breakfast meal.

Last, MNM's! Probably everbody's favorite chocolate candy! Well, at least mine. I also like the peanut ones. The pretzel ones taste pretty gross. I won't even tell you about dark chocolate. okay fine I will. Dark chocolate is supposedly good for your health. Of course it is, I should have noticed this before. Everything that tastes bad is healthy for some strange reason.
Kids think their veggies are nasty, but they are healthy. I hate fish, but it's healthy. I hate dark chocolate...BUT IT'S HEALTHY! See my point?
Oh no, but sodas, ice cream, candy, brownies, cake is bad for you.
Good stuff=Bad Stuff.
That makes perfect sense! NOT! I wish it was the other way around...the world wouldn't weigh as much! This would be my meal of the day:
~Waffles with extra syrup
~hot Cocoa
~more fries
~mac N cheese
~More pasta
~Ice cream
~chocolate candy
There, I had my 6 servings of candy....8 servings of soda, 6 servings of pasta. Yep, I'm healthy. My life would be easier to handle. No more diets! Because when I see diet, I think of small portions of food, like super small. Enough to fill up 300 ants!
Like those fine restaurants. What's so fine about you? Just because you have 5 stars on your restaurant. So what Carl's Jr. has one, and it's a very big star! At least I eat like 300 monkeys!
Thank you for reading. have fun and don't eat too much junk! Well...maybe just a serving;)


meandmythinkingcap said...

MM- temptation u cant avoid

Pam Torres said...

You can eat too much junk? Impossible! Inconceivable! You're missing one important dietary must....bacon! ;)

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

My favorite junk food is Jr Mints. I actually consider it brain food not junk food. Dark chocolate, which they say is good for you to eat in moderation every day and mint which stimulates the brain. Whenever any of my kids have a test, I hand them a box of Jr Mints and say, have at it kid. This will certainly get you an A+

Stephanie said...

I should start eating those thin mints:D
Thanks for the comments:)