Friday, April 22, 2011


Don't you ever wish that you can reverse time or take something back? I have. Unfortunately, we cant. The whole part of why in life, we make mistakes. We either learn from these mistakes or keep doing them. Even the smallest mistake, like forgetting to bring something or getting something signed. Well, sometimes, rethinking these things lead to regret. We shouldn't really regret anything we do, because we did it for a reason. it may not be the brightest reason, but we did it and we have to accept it. So I try to not rethink everything or regret myself, because at the moment, something drived me to do the decision I made. If I didn't have that drive, I wouldn't have done it, but did. I guess its easier to reverse a car but our everyday lives aren't easy. I guess sometimes the quote,"Life goes on." applies to this. So don't regret but somehow appreciate it or accept it.
One thing that really makes us smile is a rainbow. Rainbow's are very beautiful. Every color possible out there. We may not see it, but it's there. Kinda like molecules, nanos and such. I love rainbow's! I have seen 2 at the same place, sometimes, when it's close, i try to run towards it and find the end of the rainbow. Never have accomplished it. Maybe I can find a small green guy with gold coins there. Or I should buy skittles to taste the rainbow instead of trying to touch it. I guess there is no end to the rainbow.

~ and possibly PINK!
If I could visually see a rainbow with any color that I want, it would be neon colors. I can see it now:D
Neon makes the world go round, and rounder! So I guess we all know how we can see rainbow's right? We also see it when it's sunny. The glass from the door's window and the sun both reflect a mini rainbow on the floor. It happens when the sun shines on the rain droplets. We went more in depth with the whole color spectrum in chemistry(Yay)and it's all just part of reflection and color wavelenghts,etc. But in other words, a rainbow is caused by the spectrum of light onto the drops of rain. Yay! I <3 rain. Earlier, I mentioned to you that I saw a Double Rainbow, well again, it's all part of reflection from the first rainbow. That's why the second rainbow is more faded than the first. Rainbow's are amazing!

Speaking of amazing, a great place in Brazil named Rio de Janiero! But that's just he setting, I'm talking about Rio the movie. This is another animation movie I'd love to see. It's about a bird who is the last of it's kind, but it's owner is pampering it. So I guess the owner accepts and takes the bird to Rio, where there are many birds. but the solution isn't settled yet. The bird doesn't know how to fly, so from there the bird has many missions to accomplish before he is accepted into Rio.
The movie seems to have a nice summary and meaningful. On the commercials, I can see there is humor and themes for the story. I think it's going to be a great movie for everyone! I'm going to watch it, it seems cute and, well for a random chic like me, something great to write about. So watch it, and if you do, tell me how good it is!

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Bob Sanchez said...

Oh yes. I have certainly said things I'd like to unsay. If time only had a reverse gear...