Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V-Venice vs. Venus

Hey there Bloggers, Bloggies, and Bloggerets! :)
I have no idea what I just said, but anyways, Happy Letter "V" Day! So before I start my "V" post, let me fill you in with my life! So currently, I'm taking the California Standardized Test, which is the State test and you have to pass. I took the English part today and I have to say it was easy like slicing chocolate cake! I guess with all this blog life, it helped.
Also, I'm going to enter in a photography contest! Check the button on your right...just scroll down a tad. Anyways, so I'm excited. The photos must be taken by, yours truly! But because you all are my favorite...I will post the photos on my blog first. Well, I do have to post it on my blog then send it..so it's a 50/50. I think during the weekend, after my testing days are over, i will take the pictures and voila!
So, my topic today is Venice vs. Venus. Alliteration? Absolutely...hey, there's another. aren't I good. Just a hint, I'm also doing a weird alliteration sentence tomorrow.
So would you rather live in Venus or Venice? We all know the answer unless you are nuts in the noggin! Venice! AHH! That's another place I would love to visit. Did I mention I speak Italian...ish? In a couple of years, I'll be in Europe and visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Eiffel Tower. Where would you want to visit if you had the chance to? Well, you know my answer of course...I'll skip Venus. Sorry, I don't want to be intoxicated with toxic fumes and gas. Besides, isn't there a change in weight? There is but I think we all might weigh more, hope I'm right.
Anyways, Venus is the second planet from the Sun. The big 'ol Sun. SOL! Dare to touch the thing and let's just say your finger won't be the only thing burned.
Venus is also known for the extraterrestrials. OOO! Scary. Did I mention that if you breathe Venus' air, you are breathing sulfuric acid? Since I am in Chemistry, sulfuric acid is H2SO4. The burns are more serious than any other acid. Worse than aerosol or an explosion. Unless you want to be a firework and star in Katy Perry's Firework video you CANNOT GO THERE! So it's pretty scary, again, I'd rather be at Venice, where I can be taking up the sun and not be taken up like TNT!...Gee, wouldn't that be fun. Imagine: you are tied onto TNT, then, tick-tick-tick.....BAM! There you go flying into the sky. Diving into the black sky that seems to be a black hole, but its not. You see fireflies up in the sky, but they are big stars. You then see a circle, a very round circle. Whoops! You just passed Earth and it's freezing up there. Way to be....Anyways, thanks for reading and, as always, have a great day! I kinda sound like the Chinese food bags. It has a smiley face and it says have a good day.




iZombie said...

very very pretty... a place my eyes will only see in photos...
A to Z Blog Challenge Participant
Jeremy [iZombie]

Anonymous said...

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Name: Luana Krause said...

Only two days left of the Challenge...YIKES! It's been an experience. Glad to you're hanging in there, Stephanie. Good luck in the photo contest.