Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's your favorite movie?

Hey there bloggers! So I always get the word "blogger" marked wrong. So instead of calling you blogger I'll call you boogers...? So I guess I kinda added myself into a challenge. Another! I know, this week has been pretty stressful for a teenager.(I'll tell you why in my A-Z challenge)
So Day 02- What is your favorite movie?
Hmm, this is a very hard question to answer because there are gabillions of movies out there. American, Italian...Foreign! And yes, gabillions is a word, as a matter of fact MY word. So don't steal it!
My favorite movie is Karate Kid(or any Jackie Chan movie like Rush Hour)
Karate Kid is modern, and makes you realize that it has a point in the story. What I really liked about it was that not only did the kid,Dre, wanted to bee accepted, he also confessed he didn't want to be afraid, which is what every kid now a days are.
This following quote isn't really in the scripts words...but what I remember from it. So Dre tells his mom," make peace with your enemies." That "Peace" is karate/kung fu. And when I watch this part I say,"Yeah, peace with your fists!" It's true. If you have seen the movie you will understand me. There is the main Chinese kid who beats the kid outta kids! Could someone please tie a leash on his neck! The kid has to calm down and take an extra large chill pill. Have you ever heard of self-control? I'm sure you haven't. I don't even want to throw something at him, because knowing how "great" he is, he'll probably throw me chopsticks on my face. I like my face chopstick less. Yeah, that's another of my words, DON'T TAKE IT! Or else I'll beat you with a walker! Just kidding. So that's my short post because I have another post...soon!


Alyssia said...

Great post, Stephanie! I must confess, I have yet to see the new version of The Karate Kid, as I'm a bit faithful to the 80's Ralph Maccio version (oh, my, he was really the thing back then, let me tell you...). But I do love those movies which inspire us to defeat the odds, soar beyond our most difficult tasks, and reach our wildest dreams. Glad you joined the challenge! :)

mooderino said...

But he doesn't do any karate... I don't understand... I do love Jackie's films though. His son nas started making movies too, his name is Jaycee Chan.

- mood
Moody Writing

M.J. Fifield said...

I haven't seen the new Karate Kid but I love the old one!

Naomi Ruth said...

Oh wow. I don't know what my fav movie is. I actually tend to watch series instead. (I don't like watching my favorite characters go)

Two of my favs were probably The Last Samurai and Van HelSing. Random! I know. But they're both good.