Saturday, April 30, 2011

Z-Zoo and Zen Garden. Zoobye!

Hey there Blog people of around the world! So, as you all may know, today is the last day for the A-Z Challenge.(Aww!) Don' worry, that doesn't mean I'll stop blogging! anyways, today's letter is Z. So, there are few words that start with Z, at least that I know of. I know about Zoo and the Zen Garden. Hmm, hey how about I talk about these two? But before I get started, I wanted to go over something. So on your left side, there is a poll about my blog. The question is how can I improve my blog. This is just your opinion and I need your opinion. That's right, I want YOU! Uncle Sam agrees! Anyways, please vote once, twice, a billion times, it doesn't matter it's not limited. So please vote! my answers are more funny posts, my blog button, giveaways, etc. Just check it up and please vote! That's all I ask of you. Three have voted and would like to thank them! PLEASE VOTE! YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Oh my gosh I sound as if I'm running for President...don't be alarmed because I may in a couple of years. Actually, I doubt it because the first time they make us debate is the first time security will drag me out there for being too mean. Just kidding, I'm not that mean :) Anyways, so you get the point!
So have you ever been to a zoo? You know, it's smelly yet fun? I have twice, one for my brother's preschool field trip and one when I was 9.You do get this was a long time ago, right? Anyways, it was a blast. I totally love looking at animals up close and petting them. It's also the variety and how they all react. it's pretty interesting. Before I left the zoo, I bought a medium sized stuffed tiger. but over the years, I couldn't find it. It was really cute, and it cost $15. Hey I never said the zoo was fun AND was expensive. I can get a stuffed animal for a dollar when I play the crane game. Even though my chances are "iffy" oh well. I can try 15 times and possibly get three of those fur balls.
Speaking of possibility, when I was 6ish, I was with my dad "helping" him with his job. So I saw the crane game thingy and asked for a dollar. Guess what? I got the Precious Moments dinosaur. It's soo cute and unlike the tiger, I still have it. I guess little kids do have luck! And I say that because earlier this year, I was at a carnival and I was playing the game where you have to throw a ping pong ball and make it into the bowl. There are 3 bowls and depending on the bowl's color, you get a different prize. So I tried and payed like ten dollars, and won nothing. the little kids next to me got the huge stuffed animal. then at Knott's Berry Farm, i wanted a cute polar bear, but didn't win. then my brother plays one time and brings me the polar bear. Guess what? I still have it! So yeah, the zoo is fun. If you haven't gone, please go. I promise you that you will have fun! Even if an elephant pees on you...

So, the Zen Garden originates from Japan. It's suppose to be very serene and for meditation. It's like those sand boxes a small fork and you can draw stuff on the sand with it. Just think of it as a HUGE sand box and you have your Zen Garden. I haven't gone to one, unless you think a restaurant called Zen Garden works. With all the pictures I've seen, it's pretty interesting and I would love to visit one. Full of stones which represents heart or mind.
I would believe it would be relaxing because of the fountain noises and everything of Japan is so quiet and peaceful. well, that concludes my post. Please vote and hope you have a great day. Tenga un buen dia!(Have a good day!)


Elizabeth Mueller said...

Stephanie, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

Stephanie said...

Thank you!!! I saw the award on your blog, haha. That was very nice of you:)

Manzanita said...

That's kind of a Zen ending. But not the end of new followers. This is a Happy Z Day.